ili + charlie is a Colombian baby and toddler shoe wear brand, founded in 2014 by architect and luxury manager Catalina De Guzman, as a tribute to her twin daughters Ilana and Carlota.  

“Since I became a mother, my quest for perfection has not diminished. I think parents today automatically slot their babies into their own lifestyle, matching their personality, mood and creativity.  And this is why ili + charlie was born.”

Our moccasins are a perfect match for fashionable mothers that want to keep their babies and toddlers stylish and comfortable. Each pair is handmade by Colombian artisans with the finest Top-Grain Leather to stand the wear and tear of moving little feet.  Its natural material keeps the feet warm in the winter and cool in summer, so they can be worn yearlong. Our three iconic designs: tassel, fringe and loafer, meet a diversity of tastes, and they are meant to be enjoyed from birth through the toddler years.

Our mission is to deliver a sophisticated product which understands and reflects the parents and child´s style needs.